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"I have heard first hand from many families helped by BGYA in sending their children to Summer Camp; participating in sports; and helping them to take drivers training. They have shared with me that these experiences have been life changing for their children."

-Fran Hotchkiss

2023 BGYA Youth Recognition Awards

Due by March 3, 2023 for the Brandon Groveland Youth Assistance Committee to consider all the nominations.

In nominating those individuals for an exemplary award, please give as much detail and specific example of the youth’s service and/or personal achievement as possible in your description.  The Youth Recognition selection committee members are an objective panel of judges who are not familiar with the nature and/or missions of all nominating groups.  We want to make the best effort to eliminate the potential loss of Youth Recognition candidates due to the lack of sufficient information from the nominators. Youths may be nominated for recognition in one of the following categories which took place January, 2022- December, 2022:

♦ Exceptional service to others: Superior service and extensive volunteerism.  Displaying extreme genuineness and concern for others      based on the youth’s developmental age.

♦ Achievement by an individual who has overcome personal challenges and/or set an example for others: Significant changes within the past year have been reflected by the youth’s sincere attempt to turn around one’s life.  Included may be changes from negative to positive attitudes and behavior; actions displaying great achievements in personal growth and/or social development for a person of the youth’s developmental age; or overcoming significant personal difficulties.

♦ Heroism/outstanding humanitarian act: Act of self-sacrifice, which demonstrates unusual courage and/or an act reflecting great concern for the welfare of another. Displaying considerable social awareness for a person of the youth’s developmental age.

♦ Exceptional service by an individual within a club or organization: Superior service and extensive volunteerism well beyond the norms of time, energies and tasks of the other group members and/or the youth’s developmental age. Giving of oneself without consideration of self-gain, election to office and/or social merit.

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